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Heath, Chip

Making numbers count : the art and science of communicating numbers/ Chip Heath and Karla Starr - New York : Avid Reader Press, ©2022 - xix, 182 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm.

Translate everything, favor user-friendly numbers. Translate everything ; Avoid numbers : perfect translations don't need numbers ; Try focusing on 1 at a time ; Favor user-friendly numbers --
To help people grasp your numbers, ground them in the familiar, concrete, and human scale. Find your fathom : help people understand through simple, familiar comparisons ; Convert abstract numbers into concrete objects ; Recast your number into different dimensions : try time, space, distance, money, and Pringles ; Human scale : use the Goldilocks principle to make your numbers just right --
Use emotional numbers (surprising and meaningful) to move people to think and act differently. Florence Nightingale avoids dry statistics by using transferred emotion ; Comparatives, superlatives, and category jumpers ; Emotional amplitude : selecting combos that hit the right notes together ; Make it personal : "This is about you" ; Bring your number into the room with a demonstration ; Avoid numbing by converting your number to a process that unfolds over time ; Offer an encore ; Make people pay attention by crystalizing a pattern, then breaking it --
Build a scale model. Map the landscape by finding the landmarks ; Build a scale model you can work with ; Epilogue: The value of numbers --
Appendix: Making your numbers user-friendly.


Number concept -- Popular works.
Number concept--Social aspects.
Visual communication.

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