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245 0 0 _aHandbook of accounting and sustainability /
_cedited by Carol A. Adams.
260 _aNorthampton, MA, USA :
_bEdward Elgar Publishing,
300 _ax, 434 pages ;
_c26 cm.
504 _aIncludes bibliographical references and index.
520 _a"This Handbook provides a comprehensive study of research, practice and policy at the nexus of accounting and sustainability, or sustainable development. Internationally renowned academics in the field offer critical discussions of the topic to stimulate debate as the future policy infrastructure is formed. Chapters explain key drivers of developments at the nexus, critique those developments, summarise the findings of research on key themes in the field, and suggest areas for further research, offering evidence-based practice and policy solutions. The Handbook sets the scene by exploring accounting, power, social justice and unsustainability, before moving on to appraise the role of integrated reporting in (un)sustainable development. It further analyses contemporary issues in the field, including climate change-related disclosures, accounting for greenhouse gases and emissions trading schemes. The thorough coverage of key issues in accounting and sustainability, and the analysis of research literature in the Handbook will make this a critical read for accounting and business researchers and students. It is an invigorating guide for policymakers and policy influencers, accounting professionals and business leaders looking to move forward in a more sustainable way"--
650 0 _aAccounting.
650 0 _aSustainability.
700 1 _aAdams, Carol A.,
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