New Arrivals - January 1st to 31st 2022 RSS feed for public list New Arrivals - January 1st to 31st 2022 Corporate branding : by Schultz, Majken #Futureboards : by Centrella, Sarah, 2030 : by Guillén, Mauro F., A Beginner's guide to learning analytics / by Srinivasa K G A human's guide to machine intelligence : by Hosanagar, Kartik A practical guide to managing tourist experiences / by Frochot, Isabelle, A research agenda for tourism and development / Advanced introduction to sustainable competitive advantage in sales / by Chonko, Lawrence B., Advanced microeconomic theory : by Muñoz-Garcia, Felix, Air transport and tourism : by Dileep, M. R. An introduction to macroeconomics : Because internet : by McCulloch, Gretchen, Behind the cloud : by Benioff, Marc R., Billion dollar brand club : by Ingrassia, Lawrence, Case studies on perspectives on management and digital business by Piispanen, Ville Veikko Covid-19 and the hospitality and tourism industry : Creative strategy and the business of design / by Davis, Douglas Critical perspectives on innovation management : Cryptofinance and mechanisms of exchange : Economic environment of business / by Ahuja, H. L. Economics as anatomy : by Peter Swann, G. M. Economics for Sustainable Prosperity / by Hail, Steven, Economics, management and sustainability : Effective marketing : by Bishop, Jacqueline. Emerging transformations in tourism and hospitality / Ethics management in the public service : by Ireni Saban, Liza, Event management for the tourism and hospitality industries / by Kolb, Bonita M, Finance markets, the new economy, and growth / Financial models and society : by Svetlova, Ekaterina, Global stock market development : by Kalinowski, Marcin, Handbook of central banking, financial regulation and supervision : by Eijffinger, Sylvester Innovation abyss : by DeArmitt, Chris Innovation for Engineers : by Mehregany, Mehran, Innovation for entrepreneurs / by Meyer, Marc H., International business / by Morris, Shad International law and business : by Wernaart, Bart F. W., Investment banking : by Morrison, Alan, Investment valuation and appraisal : by Poggensee, Kay Logistical Asia : Macroeconomics in context / by Goodwin, Neva R., Making it in IT / by Critchley, Terry. Managing Asian Destinations / Managing global strategy : by Johnson, William H. A., Megatrends defining the future of tourism : by Boschetto Doorly, Valentina Mobilized marketing : by Hasen, Jeff, My friend fear : by Patel, Meera Lee, Narendra Modi : by Aggarwala, Adish C. New ways of working : by Mitev, Nathalie, Nine to five : by Grossman, Joanna L., Noise : by Kahneman, Daniel, Nuts! : by Freiberg, Kevin, Organizational accidents revisited / by Reason, J. T., Organizational behaviour / by Robbins, Stephen P., Performance measurement systems in banks / by Munir, Rahat, Permission to feel : by Brackett, Marc A. Perspectives on change : Phantoms in the brain : by Ramachandran, V. S Pivot : by Blake, Jenny Principles of macroeconomics / by Mankiw, N. Gregory Principles of strategic communication / by Holtzhausen, Derina Rhoda, Research handbook on sovereign wealth funds and international investment law / Research handbook on the economics of insurance law / Scaling lean : by Maurya, Ash, Self-compassion : by Neff, Kristin Size, risk, and governance in European banking / by Hagendorff, Jens. Social marketing and behaviour change : by Brennan, Linda L., Social media intelligence / by Moe, Wendy. Stability of the financial system : Strategic sports event management / by Masterman, Guy, Sustainable Economic Development : Tap : by Ghose, Anindya, The achievement habit : by Roth, Bernard, The bitcoin standard : by Ammous, Saifedean, The changing fortunes of central banking / The dynamics of entrepreneurial contexts : The essential advisor : by Crager, Bill, The everything guide to investing in cryptocurrency : by Derousseau, Ryan, The evolution of central banking and monetary policy in the Asia-Pacific / by Hossain, Akhand Akhtar, The financial system, financial regulation and central bank policy / by Cargill, Thomas F., The financialization of commodity markets : by Zaremba, Adam, The four : by Galloway, Scott The future of capitalism : by Collier, Paul The mathematical corporation : by Sullivan, Josh, The only guide to alternative investments you'll ever need : by Swedroe, Larry E. The role of corporate sustainability in Asian development : by Lenssen, Gilbert. The SAGE handbook of tourism management : Tourism dynamics in everyday places : Women and entrepreneurship in India :