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Singh, Rachna

The bitcoin saga : a mixed montage / Rachna Singh. - New Delhi : Bloomsbury Publishing India Pvt. Ltd., 2019. - xvi, 229 pages : illustrations (black and white) ; 24 cm

Acknowledgements; A Missive to the Reader; SECTION I: A Promising Prelude; Chapter 1: The Trust Trampoline; Chapter 2: The Cypherpunk Crypto Cauldron; SECTION II: The Tech Tales; Chapter 3: Ps and Qs of Bitcoins; Chapter 4: The Phantom of the Bitcoin Opera; SECTION III: The Rant and the Rave; Chapter 5: The Hobgoblins: Cons and the Deep Web; Chapter 6: The Bitcoin Juggernaut; Chapter 7: The Brave New World: A Socio-Economic Revolution; Chapter 8: The Hubris: Crypto Fratricide; Chapter 9: The Burgeoning Bitcoin Bubble SECTION IV: Judicial JargonChapter 10: Legal Laminate; Chapter 11: Regulatory Reckoning; Chapter 12: Taxing Matters; Chapter 13: Minting Mores; SECTION V: A Motley Mix; Chapter 14: Others of the Ilk; Chapter 15: Moribund Masala; Chapter 16: Future Fables; Chapter 17: The Chat Room; SECTION VI: A Twist in the Tale; Chapter 18: The Future of Blockchain; Chapter 19: Steering the Titan; Epilogue: The Final Word; Glossary; Endnotes; About the Author


Blockchains (Databases)
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